SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER traces its origins back to the 1880s when the first German Patent Law came into force. Since our founding we practice in all aspects of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks and designs thus combining in depth expertise in these fields with technical knowledge in a variety of scientific disciplines.

SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER’s office originally started in Berlin, the former residence of the German Patent Office, and moved to Düsseldorf in 1952. Düsseldorf is known for its Patent, Trademark and Design Litigation Court judging a high number of IP cases every year. 

SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER assists clients in securing and protecting their intellectual property world-wide. An extensive network of foreign associates has developed over more than a hundred years.

SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER assists their clients in handling all aspects of intellectual property litigation and has emerged as  experienced in patent, trademark and design litigation in Germany.

SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER operates on both national and international levels and serves a broad spectrum of clients, from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, in all areas of technology, consumer products and services.

From our office in Düsseldorf we seek to secure, protect and defend our clients’ intellectual property rights in major areas of technology, in particular

  • mechanics
  • paper machine technology
  • construction machines
  • music instruments
  • analytical measurement technology
  • medical technology
  • fiber-optic technology
  • mobile communications technology
  • beauty & healthcare dispensing technology
  • watchmaking technology
  • lift technology
  • automation technology
  • safety technology
  • furniture technology
  • ceramics
  • renewable energy solutions
  • aeronautical engineering
  • industrial fastening technology
  • automotive technology
  • sealing technology
  • electronics
  • semiconductors
  • software
  • chemicals

Patents / Utility Models

We handle all aspects of the patent field, in particuiar

  • drafting and prosecuting German and European patent applications in each of
    the European Convention languages, i.e. German, English, French;
  • drafting and prosecuting oppositions against German and European patents;
  • prosecuting appeals in the Federal Patent Court of Germany and the Boards of Appeal;
  • maintenance and assignment of patent rights;
  • novelty searches to seek out the relevant prior art;
  • monitoring publication of competitors’ patents and patent applications.


We serve clients by securing trademark rights in Germany and around the world, in particular

  • conducting searches for selecting a trademark;
  • filing and prosecuting German, European Union and International trademarks according to the Madrid Agreement;
  • filing oppositions against German, European Union and International trademarks;
  • prosecution of appeals against decisions of the corresponding authorities;
  • maintenance and assignment of trademark rights;
  • monitoring trademarks of competitors or of a certain business or product sector.

Design Patterns

We serve clients by securing their deign rights in all areas of technical equipment, consumer products and other useful articles, in particular

  • drafting and prosecuting German, European Union and International design applications according to the Hague Convention;
  • prosecuting of appeals;
  • maintenance and assignment.

Registration of Microchip Topographies

We serve clients by filing registration requests in the German Patent Office to obtain protection unauthorised reproduction or copying of mask works.


We assist both plaintiffs and defendents in all aspects of intellectual property litigation, in particular

  • analysing and assessing the validity of intellectual property rights and the infringement of these rights;
  • helping to avoid potential infringement problems at the earliest stages of product development including FTO analysis;
  • handling nullity suits in the Federal Patent Court (first instance) and in the Federal Supreme Court (second instance);
  • handling cancellation proceedings for trademarks and design models;
  • handling infringement proceedings of intellectual property rights in all instances in conjunction with lawyers;
  • defending matters relating to inventors’ rights.

Employee invention

Our activities further include the fields of employee invention law, as well as the calculation of the remuneration of employed inventor(s).

Licensing Contracts

Drafting and negotiating domestic and international licensing agreements for intellectual property rights, in particular under European anti-trust law, which rules all licensing contracts relating to the European Community in order to secure effective protection and maximize investment return.

Secret Patents

Partners of SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER are authorized to handle patents and patent applications classified as secret by Governmental Authorities.

SPARING ◆ RÖHL ◆ HENSELER has the expertise, experience and network you need to handle IP matters in foreign countries in accomplishing our clients’ goals to optimize strategies and practical, cost effective solutions.

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